2024 Volvo S60 Colors, Models, Price

2024 Volvo S60 Colors, Models, Price – Connoisseurs of luxury and refinement will be drawn to the 2024 Volvo S60 in 2024. While a midsize luxury car may still provide some enjoyment behind the wheel, it won’t be able to offer the same level of excitement. Its most impressive attributes are its composed driving style and outstanding ride quality. Almost nothing can disturb this aristocratic sedan, and all-wheel-drive is an option if you want more peace of mind.

For this reason, we recommend the more potent T8 hybrid model (now dubbed the Recharge) since the entry-level B5 lacks the punch we’d expect from a car in this price range. With its sumptuous interior and many comfort features keeping you on cloud nine as the suspension smooths out every bump, you’ll forget about any other issues once you’re inside this vehicle.

2024 Volvo S60 Redesign
2024 Volvo S60 Redesign

2024 Volvo S60 Redesign

Last year’s T5 and T6 models will be replaced by a single mild-hybrid powertrain named B5 in 2024, while the 2024 Volvo S60  Recharge hybrid variants will continue to utilize the T8. Two types of all-wheel drive (AWD) are available for the B5. The R-bumpers, design’s grille, and window trim are now on the standard B5 Momentum, giving it a nearly identical appearance. The power-operated rear child locks are gone from this model, along with the front fog lights for the following year.

While the top two trims now include wireless device charging, the base model no longer has a compass located on the rearview mirror. Air filtering has been improved with the optional Advance Package. Volvo has discontinued the leather-trimmed key fob in an effort to minimize its reliance on the material. New paint colors have been added while others have been retired.

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If you’re looking for a premium sedan with an impressive interior, look no further than the 2024 Volvo S60. Designed and built using only the highest quality materials, this piece epitomizes Swedish simplicity and uncomplicated beauty. Although real wool inlays may be found on even the most budget-friendly versions, the quality improves with each subsequent tier of price. Due to a lack of legroom, notably in the back seats and a small trunk, this vehicle falls short of our ideal. The extensive feature set, on the other hand, is something we can’t blame.

Of course, safety comes first, and there are a dizzying number of driving aids, but there is also a comprehensive information and entertainment system. The nine-inch touchscreen is smaller than some of its rivals, and it may be a bit of a challenge to use at first. Even so, it’s easy to use and requires little effort once you get the hang of it.


The 2024 Volvo S60 isn’t exceptionally powerful, but for a sedan of this size and weight, it’s adequate. Power and torque figures for the turbocharged four-cylinder engine are listed at 260 hp and 258 lb-ft. Fortunately, it comes standard with the same silky-smooth eight-speed automatic transmission as the rest of the line. You’ll need to upgrade to the hybrid recharge if you want anything more than a basic battery pack.

There are two versions of the hybrid T8: the less powerful 400 hp and 472 lb-ft version and the Polestar Engineered 415 hp and 472 lb-ft version. Those who need to get someplace quickly should opt for this engine, which has the greatest power and the quickest acceleration.

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2024 Volvo S60 Release Date
2024 Volvo S60 Release Date

2024 Volvo S60 Release Date and Price

Despite the high quality of the 2024 Volvo S60 price tag, entry-level variants are still within reach for most shoppers. Priced at $39,250 for the Momentum and up to $42,250 each, B5’s R-Design and Inscription models are the most affordable in the lineup. Hybrid cars, like the Recharge, come with the higher sticker costs we’ve come to anticipate. There is a basic price of $50,000 for both the R-Design and the Inscription; the R-Design Expression is the first to go up for auction at $47,650. In order to afford the Polestar Engineered, which has the most powerful engine and almost every option, you’ll have to pay $64,800. In addition to the federal tax credit of up to $5,419, several state incentives apply to the recharge.

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